Conserving sharks, rays and skates in Cabo Verde

Principal Investigators

Whoriskey, F., Dureuil, M.,

Project members

Worm, B., Townsend, B., Harvey-Clark, C., Monteiro, C., Martins, A., Silva, P., Evora, D., Melo, T., Rendall Rocha, P., Portugues, S., Stiebens, V., Pratt, J.


Sharks of the Atlantic


Lemon shark, nurse shark, Atlantic weasel shark


Cape Verde



Conserving sharks, rays and skates in Cabo Verde

The worldwide decline of elasmobranchs—sharks, skates and rays—is triggered in large measure by the high demand for shark fins and flesh. The waters surrounding Cabo Verde off the coast of West Africa are one of the last refuges for elasmobranchs, with more than 60 species of sharks, skates and rays. Despite the diversity of species in this region, information is limited—even within marine reserves—making conservation efforts a challenge.

The Cabo Verde Elasmobranch Research Project aims to improve understanding of the biology, ecology, and conservation status of sharks, skates, and rays in Cabo Verde’s waters, and is based on an interdisciplinary approach to bring together international and Cabo Verdean researchers, government representatives and resource managers, industry, non-governmental organizations, and local communities. Detailed scientific information is scarce in the region, and this project aims to provide a basis for implementing an elasmobranch conservation strategy in support of sustainable ecotourism and fisheries.

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