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The Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) connects a global community of experts in aquatic sciences, data management, research design and communications.

This page lists resources available to OTN collaborators to facilitate and enhance resource sharing and networking, and to support aquatic telemetry research and its dissemination.

Research support

Learn more about the support OTN offers in the areas of equipment loans and data storage and analysis.


View a selection of annual reports or OTN’s strategic plan, which documents the organization’s vision, mission, guiding principles, and key goals and objectives for 2024-2029.


Join a group of early career researchers (ECRs) united through OTN to synthesize and publish tracking research in new and exciting ways.

Communications resources

Explore communication resources available to OTN collaborators.

Data portal

Discover OTN-affiliated projects around the world, view the latest statistics from the global network, and access valuable tools and resources for your telemetry research.

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