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The Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) is a global aquatic research, data management and partnership platform headquartered at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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300+ species tracked

across 800 projects globally

A global community of researchers is using OTN’s infrastructure and analytical tools to track the movements and survival of keystone, commercially important and endangered species.


2023 Tag! You’re It! funding announcement

2023 Tag! You’re It! funding announcement

Since its inception in 2017, 50 cents from every can of Big Spruce Brewing and the Ocean Tracking Network’s Tag! You’re It! (TYI) conservation financing beer have been allocated to non-profit organizations and charities in Canada that support healthy aquatic...

The Ocean Tracking Network 2022 annual report

The Ocean Tracking Network 2022 annual report

A message from the directors: Since 2008, the Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) has been creating a research, data management and infrastructure platform that tightly integrates biological, oceanographic and social sciences, promotes technological innovation and fosters...

1,145+ researchers

OTN-supported researchers are addressing questions of relevance and priority in Canada and around the world.

2,800+ OTN receivers

deployed in key aquatic locations across the globe

OTN positions its equipment to link to and leverage existing receiver capacity, creating a worldwide network and providing truly global tracking coverage.

80,000 km

covered by gliders, and counting

OTN and partners are pioneering robotic oceanographic monitoring and data collection. 


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