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Vivian Nguyen, MITACS science policy fellow at Natural Resources Canada




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From science to society

Interest in new scientific findings, particularly from telemetry, is high among regulators. However, research suggests there are barriers to the adoption and implementation by potential users of these findings. The Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) social-science component investigates avenues for translating new scientific knowledge into real-world fisheries policy and management strategies.

What role does social science play in natural science studies?

Human behaviour and activities often drive changes, both negative and positive, in the natural environment, so understanding the human side of the equation is extremely important for influencing positive changes and reducing negative impacts.

How is science embodied in fisheries management and how does OTN fit into science aimed at management applications?

Science should underpin most fisheries management strategies and practices; however, new knowledge is generated every day, and new tools are being developed to enable more accurate and precise research. OTN connects projects and multidisciplinary studies, which is helpful in painting a broader more integrated picture for management applications. This is important, especially when fisheries managers work with different time and geographic scales and overlapping management zones.

What have been the results of your study on the social science of acoustic tracking?

An analysis of almost 200 fish telemetry case studies identified that researchers who collaborated broadly and engaged with stakeholders through outreach experienced more successes in seeing users uptake their study findings. Therefore, investments in relationship-building, and growing one’s professional network and collaborations are key to making an impact with telemetry research.

How did OTN prepare you for your postdoctoral fellowship at MITACS?

OTN enabled me to explore the social science aspects of telemetry research and, in turn, develop expertise on how to integrate science into fisheries policy and practices.

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