Data Warehousing

Ocean Tracking Network makes the world’s oceanographic and marine animal tracking information freely accessible. The data adheres to the intellectual property rights of the providers and is subject to quality control standards.

OTN data managers are developing a self-sustaining data warehouse system as well as  new and innovative tools for synthesis, analysis, and visualization of the different types of data collected by Canadian and international researchers using OTN’s global acoustic infrastructure.

Glider Data

Visit the ocean gliders and marine observation site to view glider data, as well as to see updates on current and past missions.

Benthic Pod Data

Data relating to benthic pods (BP) from the Scotian Shelf  is also available on the ocean gliders and marine observation site.

Mystery Tags

All unidentified tags can be queried via the Mystery Tag Lookup on the member’s portal.

Got Data?

It is OTN policy to ask for information about your project and about your tagged animals in exchange for providing you with detailed detection data.

Download and fill out the VEMCO authorization form here.

For more information regarding providing data to the OTN Global Data Warehouse, including OTN policies, templates, and checklists for data submission, please follow this link.
(A) Background info.

Please answer the following:
1. Title of the project
2. Brief abstract of the project
3. Names, affiliations, and email addresses of researchers involved in the project and their role (roles are defined as they relate to the data itself and can be principal investigator, point of contact, custodian, author, owner, distributor, or resource provider)
4. Species being studied
5. Location of the project (city, state/province, nearby landmark, lat/long boundaries)
6. Start and end dates of the project, if known

(B) Authorization allowing Vemco to give us the technical specs on your tags.

Once we have (A) and (B), we can prefill our tagging metadata template with the specs of the tags and send it to you to fill in details about the animals. FYI, a blank template can be seen here:

OTN is committed to making acoustic tracking data more accessible while respecting the intellectual property rights of its collaborators. We make the background information you provide publicly accessible on the OTN Members Portal. Associated metadata and detection data remain your intellectual property. You control who has access to your data. For more info, you can read our data policy here: