The Arena Leaders Committee (ALC) is made up of researchers from the network (academic, industry, and government) who assist the Principal Investigator in managing research within the network. The membership of this committee reflects the multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary nature of the network research program. The management of the research program requires ongoing assessment of all projects in order to provide recommendations to the SAC regarding research priorities and budget allocations. The Arena Leaders Committee ensures that a mechanism is in place for external assessment of projects when appropriate. This may be through an external advisory committee. All such assessments are submitted to the Arena Leaders Committee for discussion and funding changes are submitted to the SAC for approval.

The following is a list of the individuals on the OTN Canada ALC, by ocean Arena

Name OTN Canada Arena
Steve Cooke Pacific
Scott Hinch Pacific
Aaron Fisk Arctic
Svein Vagle Arctic
Katja Fennel Atlantic
Ian Fleming Atlantic
Sara Iverson Scientific Director
Kyle McKenzie Network Manager