2014 OTN Canada Symposium Agenda

Tuesday, June 3

 Event location:      Ottawa Little Theatre, 400 King Edward Avenue

Abstracts are listed by presenter in the appendix.

8:00 am          Registration opens

8:30 am          Welcoming address

Scientific Director Sara Iverson, Network Manager Kyle McKenzie, and OTN Council Chair Peter Harrison

9:00 am          Plenary Lecture: OTN and AATAMS – Five years and going strong

Rob Harcourt                    Harcourt_OTNSymp2014_Summary

9:30 am          Movements of the deepwater flatfish, Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossides) in the coastal fjords of Baffin Island

Amanda Barkley               Barkley_OTNSymp2014_Summary

9:45 am          Fisheries non-retention and latent mortality during the adult migration of Chinook salmon

Arthur Bass                        Bass_OTNSymp2014_Summary

10:00 am       Atlantic Sturgeon Marine Depth Distribution in Bay of Fundy and Minas Basin: Insights from Acoustic and Archival Telemetry

Jeffrey Beardsall              Beardsall_OTNSymp2014_FactSheet

 10:15 am       Coffee and Tea

                  Sponsored by Baker Blue Ocean

 10:45 am       Invited Lecture: Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry Observation System (GLATOS): Past, Present, and Future

Chuck Krueger                  Krueger_OTNSymp2014_Summary

11:00 am       Physical Oceanography of Cumberland Sound, Baffin Island, 2011-2013

Jeanette Bedard               Bedard_OTNSymp2014_Summary

11:15 am       Resilience or vulnerability? Temperature and oxygen thresholds of marine animals on the Scotian Shelf and in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the context of environmental change

Laura Bianucci                 Bianucci_OTNSymp2014_Summary

11:30 am       Using accelerometer tags to estimate post-tagging behaviour and stress response in captivity and in the wild

Franziska Broell               Broell_OTNSymp2014_Summary

11:45 am       Burst swimming in areas of high flow: delayed consequences of anaerobiosis in wild adult sockeye salmon

Nicholas Burnett              Burnett_OTNSymp2014_Summary

12:00 pm       Applications and Potential of OTN Autonomous Vehicles

Adam Comeau                   Comeau_OTNSymp2014_Summary

12:15 pm       Lunch

 1:15 pm         Plenary Lecture: Advances in Obtaining Environmental Data from Free Swimming Animals

Kim Holland     

 1:45 pm         Delayed mortality of adult coho salmon bycatch in commercial seine fisheries in coastal waters of British Columbia

Katrina Cook                      Cook_OTNSymp2014_Summary

2:00 pm         Bio-physical interactions between Atlantic Salmon and coastal conditions along the Halifax Line

Mathieu Dever                   Dever_OTNSymp2014_Summary

2:15 pm         Environmental and physiological associations with homing sockeye salmon behaviour in an estuary

Matthew Drenner             Drenner_OTNSymp2014_Summary

2:30 pm         Behaviour and survival of out-migrant sockeye salmon smolts

Nathan Furey                     Furey_OTNSymp2014_Summary

 2:45 pm         Coffee and Tea

3:15 pm         Poster Speed Talks

4:00 pm         Poster Session

                       Wine and Cheese, Sponsored by Vemco

Wednesday, June 4

 Event location:      Ottawa Little Theatre

400 King Edward Avenue

Abstracts are listed by presenter in the appendix.

8:00 am          Registration opens

8:30 am          Plenary Lecture: South Africa’s Acoustic Tracking Array Platform (ATAP): history, status, challenges and opportunities

Paul Cowley                        Cowley & Murray_OTNSymp2014_Summary

 9:00 am          Effects of predation on telemetry-based survival estimates: insights from a study on endangered Atlantic salmon smolts

Edmund Halfyard            Halfyard_OTNSymp2014_Summary

9:15 am          Residence and Distribution of Arctic Cod (Boreogadus saida) in Resolute Bay, Lancaster Sound

Steve Kessel 

9:30 am          A seasonal examination of species interactions in Scott Inlet – preliminary findings and future research

Marianne Marcoux          Marcoux_OTNSymp2014_Summary

9:45 am          A synthesis of salmon tracking studies in the Pacific Arena

Eduardo Martins              Martins_OTNSymp2014_Summary

10:00 am       Effects of daily varying olfactory cues on Pacific Salmon migration success in a river regulated by hydropower generation

Collin Middleton 

10:15 am       Coffee and Tea

10:45 am       Invited Lecture: Foraging ecology and diet of bowhead whales in Cumberland Sound, NU

Steve Ferguson                  Ferguson_OTNSymp2014_Summary

11:00 am       Thermal behaviour of adult sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) in a regulated watershed following multiple stressors

Vanessa Minke Martin    Minke-Martin_OTNSymp2014_Summary

 11:15 am       Transcending the Disciplines

Vivian Nguyen                   Nguyen_OTNSymp2014_Summary

11:30 am       Using numerical particle-tracking to study the movement of the American eel and the Atlantic sturgeon

Kyoko Ohashi                    Ohashi_OTNSymp2014_Summary

11:45 am       Oceanography and Acoustic Research in Resolute Bay, Nunavut

Caitlin O’Neill                    ONeill_OTNSymp2014_Summary

2:00 pm       Facing the river gauntlet: understanding the effects of bycatch on the physiology of coho salmon

Graham Raby                     Raby_OTNSymp2014_Summary

12:15 pm       Lunch

1:15 pm         Data Workshop (Led by Marta Mihoff)

and International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) Meeting

By Invitation Only

3:30 pm         Coffee and Tea

4:00 pm         From 3 minutes to 3 lines: sharing fisheries research in creative ways

Natalie Sopinka                 Sopinka_OTNSymp2014_Summary

4:15 pm         The Char Tracker Story

Aaron Spares                      Spares_OTNSymp2014_Summary

4:30 pm         Spatial variation in ringed seal foraging behaviour across the Arctic

David Yurkowski               Yurkowski_OTNSymp2014_Summary

4:45 pm         Invited Lecture: Cybercartographic Atlases as tools for knowledge mobilization – potential applications in OTN

Claudio Aporta

7:00 pm         Reception

                        Dinner and Drinks (Lunenburg Pub, 14 Waller Street theburg.ca) Sponsored by Vemco


Tickets will be given to registered attendees at the reception desk, and will be available for purchase at the reception desk for other attendees for $25 each, in limited quantities, until Wednesday.

Thursday, June 5

 Event location:      Ottawa Little Theatre

400 King Edward Avenue

Abstracts are listed by presenter in the appendix.

8:00 am          Registration opens

8:30 am          Plenary Lecture: What is a smolt? Diversity of downstream migrating sea trout

Kim Aarestrup                  Aarestrup_OTNSymp2014_Summary

9:00 am       Future Horizons – A Panel Discussion

                  Chair: Peter Harrison

                  Panel Members: Steve Cooke, Sara Iverson, Steve Kessel, John Kocik

10:15 am       Raconteur Report

  1. Dever
  2. Raby
  3. Yurkowski

10:30 am       Closing Remarks

Scientific Director Sara Iverson

10:45 am       Coffee and Tea

 11:15 am       HQP Workshop and Discussions (Led by Steve Kessel)

and OTN Council Meeting (Byward Suite, Les Suites Hotel, 130 Besserer Street)

 By Invitation Only

3:00 pm         Parliament Reception (Commonwealth Room, Centre Block, Parliament Hill, Wellington Street)

By Invitation Only

Sponsored by: All Parties Oceans Caucus and by Dalhousie University Research Services


Poster Index

 Organized Alphabetically by Presenter’s Last Name(s)

Please note that posters are the work of the presenter as well as collaborators within the network. Poster abstracts are posted on the Symposium website.

Laurie Baker                      Baker_OTNSymp2014_factsheet

Free-ranging marine mammals, the next ‘Ships of Opportunity’?

Melanie Beguer                 Beguer_OTNSymp2014_Poster               Beguer_OTNSymp2014_FactSheet

The challenge of tracking Eels during their marine migration

 Colin Buhariwalla           Buhariwalla_OTNSymp2014_Poster       Buhariwalla_OTNSymp2014_FactSheet

Striped Bass overwintering in the Mira River estuary, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Jacqueline Chapman

The fate of migrating Fraser River Coho salmon after fisheries interaction

 Melissa Dick                      Dick_OTNSymp2014_Summary             Dick_OTNSymp2014_Poster

Understanding tagging effects to facilitate stakeholder adoption of studies using electronic tags: a case study with adult Pacific salmon

 Silviya Ivanova 

Arctic cod schools’ activity and interactions

 Damian Lidgard               Lidgard_OTNSymp2014_FactSheet

Approaching the prey – competitor field: using the Vemco Mobile Transceiver to inform on the nature and spatiotemporal distribution of species interactions on the Eastern Scotian Shelf and in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence

 Laura Logan-Chesney    LoganChesney_OTNSymp2014_Poster

Atlantic sturgeon seasonality and viability in Minas Basin, inner Bay of Fundy, Canada

 Montana McLean             McLean_OTNSymp2014_Poster           McLean_OTNSymp2014_FactSheet

Understanding the consequences of recreational angling on the biology and movement of white sturgeon in the Lower Fraser River, British Columbia

 Taryn Murray                  Murray_OTNSymp2014_Poster

Can partial estuarine area protection reduce the vulnerability of a highly mobile fishery species?

 Natalie Reinhart            Reinhart_OTNSymp2014_Poster

How do prey react to killer whale (Orcinus orca) presence? Quantifying the intimidation effects of killer whales in the eastern Canadian Arctic using predator-prey satellite telemetry

 Émilie Simard                 Simard_OTNSymp2014_Poster

Influence of mussel farms on movements of the American lobster (Homarus americanus)

Nathan Stewart 

Age and growth of Atlantic Sturgeon from the Saint John River, New Brunswick, Canada

 Andrew Taylor              Taylor_OTNSymp2014_FactSheet

Distribution and habitat use of adult and juvenile Atlantic sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus Mitchill, 1815) from the Saint John River, NB, Canada

Kim Whoriskey              Whoriskey_OTNSymp2014_Poster

State-Space Modelling Frameworks: Behaviour, Capabilities, and Limitations When Applied to Animal Movement Data

Rui Zhang 

Simulating the decline of Atlantic salmon populations