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“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

jacques cousteau



OTN has been defined by its exceptional collaborations with research partners across the globe as well as the integration of newly available and advanced technologies. Read on to discover OTN’s legacy of influence and impact.



the next generation of scientists

OTN is training new specialists in the interdisciplinary fields of ocean and aquatic sciences, marine policy and conservation. Over the past 10 years, OTN has supported over 250 students, trainees and postdoctoral fellows across Canada. In addition, more than 150 international students, technicians and professional personnel have been trained in the use and maintenance of OTN infrastructure.

informing policy


Knowledge generated through OTN’s work is used provincially, federally and internationally to help guide the management of valued aquatic species and the sustainable use of the ocean.

Global Impacts

OTN’s impacts reach across Canada and around the world. Key national and international partnerships leverage resources and support integrated efforts to track critical species and ecosystem changes.


Connect &



Tracking global environmental conditions, the movements of aquatic animals, the growth of the Network, members of the Network and their successes


Connecting infrastructure, communities, resources, researchers, policy-makers, industry, and other stakeholders at local
and global scales


Transforming our understanding of the oceans by developing a paradigm of research and data sharing, changing how scientists, communities and policy-makers interact

Ocean Tracking Network

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