Winter 2017


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Ocean Tracking Network receives $11.4 million from CFI Major Science Initiatives Fund

On January 9, Halifax MP Andy Fillmore announced $11.4 million towards continued Ocean Tracking Network research operations. The funding comes from the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s Major Science Initiatives and is one of 17 research institutions nationally to receive funding from the $328 million fund. The MSI includes funding for OTN’s core staff, research and monitoring infrastructure (tracking stations), as well as the operation and maintence of equipment including research gliders. The funding is also helping to meet the growing demand of OTN’s Canadian and international user communities by providing additional capacity to communicate data and research outcomes (under OTN’s Data Policy) in support of broader Canadian and international science.
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OTN receives Canadian Museum of Nature Inspiration Award

OTN directors, Sara Iverson and Fred Whoriskey, accepted a 2016 Nature Inspiration Award on behalf of the global OTN at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa on November 9. The Inspiration Awards recognize individuals and organizations that, through their work, encourage Canadians to take an interest in natural history, create links with nature and contribute to its preservation. “This recognition is a huge boost for everyone involved, and we are deeply grateful.” – Fred Whoriskey.
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Annual Halifax Chamber of Commerce Fall Dinner celebrates NS oceans initiatives
In a packed room at the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, Dalhousie President, Richard Florizone, celebrated Nova Scotia’s success in community and business development including the launch of the new Dalhousie Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI). OTN’s Sara Iverson presented a snapshot of future OFI initiatives and highlighted technology the organization would be deploying, such as the OTN Wave Glider (pictured).
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Arctic Adventure: tracking deep sea life in Canada’s remote northern sphere This summer, researchers at OTN, DFO, and the University of Windsor spent weeks in the Canadian Arctic gathering data on Greenland halibut, Greenland sharks, Arctic skate, and narwhals. Data collected will provide information on the movement and distribution of deep sea fish and narwhals to help guide coastal community fishery development and management.  Read more
Peter Harrison, OTN Council Chair, awarded RCGS Camsell Medal

Peter Harrison has been named a 2016 co-recipient of the The Royal Canadian Geographical Society of Canada’s Camsell Medal, which recognizes outstanding service to the Society. We extended our sincere congratulations to Dr. Harrison, as well as our gratitude for his contributions and leadership on the OTN Council.  Read more
New year, new look: OTN Data Portal gets a facelift The OTN Data Centre is responsible for the collection, aggregation, cross-referencing, and dissemination (both public and private) of acoustic detection data. OTNDC also maintains linkages to sibling acoustic telemetry data centres and feeds global biogeographical information systems such as OBIS with animal tracking data under the OTN Data Policy. This fall, the OTN data team greatly enhanced the user experience by streamlining navigation and creating interactive features of its discovery data.
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Call for research proposals Year of Polar Prediction (MEOPAR)

MEOPAR, in partnership with Polar Knowledge Canada and the Arctic Research Foundation, is accepting proposals for research activities that will strengthen Canadian participation in the international Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP). YOPP is an initiative of the World Meteorological Organization that seeks to “enable a significant improvement in environmental prediction capabilities for the polar regions and beyond, by coordinating a period of intensive observing, modeling, verification, user-engagement and education activities.”

  • Application Deadline:  March 6, 2017
  • Contact:
  • Funding Period:  April 2017 – March 2020
  • Total Funding Available: $2.3 million

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Collecting data beneath the waves Earthzine (part 1)
Understanding Seals – A Scientists and an Artist in One of the Last Wild Places on Earth Earthzine (part 2)
Using Argos to understand the ocean Earthzine (part 3)Canada’s Great Whales Blog Canadian Wildlife Federation

How a huge school of sharks ‘flips the food pyramid’ BBC

Infectious disease, shifting climates, and opportunistic predators: cumulative factors potentially impacting wild salmon declines Evolutionary Applications

Ocean tracking technologies: observing species at risk Maritime Studies

Coral cities of the deep Research Gate    

Effects of pile driving on the residency and movement of tagged reef fish  Plos One

Energy Landscapes and the Landscape of Fear Trends in Ecology & Evolution

Optimizing the design of large-scale acoustic telemetry curtains Marine and Freshwater Research

Putting Temperature and Oxygen Thresholds of Marine Animals in Context of Environmental Change: A Regional Perspective for the Scotian Shelf and Gulf of St. Lawrence Plos One

A Hidden Markov Movement Model for rapidly identifying behavioral states from animal tracks arXiv preprint arXiv 

Movements of deep-water fish: Establishing marine fisheries management boundaries in coastal Arctic fisheries Ecological Applications

Making Moves tracking devices transform scientific understanding of animal movementBioScience

Influence of sea ice phenology on the movement ecology of ringed seals across their latitudinal range Marine Ecology Progress

First documented large-scale horizontal movements of individual Artic cod (Boreogadussaida) Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Tracking whales on the Scotian Shelf using passive acoustic monitoring on ocean gliders Geospectrum

Troubling issues at the frontier of animal tracking for conservation and management Conservation Biology

Ocean migration of pop-up satellite archival tagged Atlantic salmon from the Miramichi River in Canada ICES Journal of Marine Science


 4th ICFT:  7 April 2017:  Early registration and abstract submission close

Southern African Shark & Ray Symposium
10-13 September 2017 | Hermanus, South Africa

Fish Passage 2017
19-21 June 2017 | Oregon, United States

3rd Blue Planet Symposium 
May 31- June 2 2017 | Maryland, United States

GeoHab 2017 Marine Geological & Biological Habitat Mapping 
May 1- 5 2017 | Halifax, Nova Scotia

2nd Annual Marine Data Infrastructure GCC 2017 
30-31 Jan 2017 | Dubai, UAE

Canada’s Arctic Biodiversity: The Next 150 Years
26-27 January 2017 | Ottawa, Ontario

U.S. Underwater Glider Workshop
18-19 January 2017 | Mississippi, United States

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