What  Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) “TRACKATHON”
A fun, competitive data visualization event
*  Free event
*  Free food
*  $2K in cash prizes
Date/time   Saturday, April 2  |   10 a.m. start
Location   Rm 426 ShiftKey Labs, Goldberg CS Building, Dalhousie University

 “How do we use telemetry data and geospatial visualizations to tell stories of animal movements?”

About: The Ocean Tracking Network TRACKATHON allows participants to explore data generated by marine animals carrying acoustic and satellite tracking tags. In their raw form, these data are difficult to interpret by the layperson on whom these data ultimately impact. Visualizations enable rapid and effective comprehension of complicated data sets, concepts and patterns, and engage users on a profound level to influence understanding and change.

Goals: Leverage visualization tools to discover and create new insights into acoustic telemetry data. Users can explore the foraging behaviour of Atlantic grey seals, residency patterns of blue sharks, spawning migrations of American eels, and migration strategies of Pacific salmon.

Tagged salmon moving through the Gaspe

Ocean Tracking Network global infrastructure








April 2 (Saturday)
Rm 426 ShiftKey Labs, Goldberg CS Building, Dalhousie University

10 a.m. – Welcome and overview
10:10 – Tech talk I (Esri)
10:20 – Tech talk II (IBM)
10:30 – Tool and data set discovery
Team/working group formation
11 a.m. – Build
noon   – Lunch (catered)
~ 5:30 – Presentations
~ 6:00 – Judging/Awards

Check out data sets for the different species we’re tracking as well as project overviews on the sidebar. More data sets to come. . .  stay tuned.


OTN data sets

namara.iosearch “ocean tracking network”
* includes glider (autonomous underwater vehicle) data


IBM BlueMix — DevOps Workshop – get familiar with BlueMix in the context of DevOps and data analytics:

Friday, April 1  |  5-8 p.m.  |  ShiftKey Labs

Esri — Get started with the ArcGIS platform:

ECCE website
Esri Developer site
Esri Github


Meet the judges: