Summer 2017


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Tag, You’re It! … Brewing up new ways to save the seas

Ocean Tracking Network and Big Spruce Brewing (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia) have partnered to releaseTag! You’re It!, a special-edition conservation collabeeration that celebrates oceans, good beer, and cool partnerships. Fifty cents from every sale will fund ocean research and conservation. The first of two batches of Tag! You’re It!  launches in August and will be available in stores across Nova Scotia. Learn more.


Ocean Tracking Network invites you to submit a manuscript to a special issue of CJFAS. The invitation is open to anyone using OTN acoustic infrastructure globally or using OTN funding globally.

Deadline: 1 Sept. 2017

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Xavier Bordeleau on Atlantic salmon migration, survival, and conservation

Dalhousie PhD student, Xavier Bordeleau, has been researching Atlantic salmon under OTN’s Atlantic salmon tracking project for the past three years. Recently, OTN sat down with him to discuss how the data he and his colleagues are collecting will provide an improved understanding of salmon habitat use. Xavier also spoke about the factors affecting Atlantic salmon survival in rivers throughout the Bras d’Or Lakes system in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and in the North Atlantic Ocean.
Read the full interview and photo highlights here.

OTN-supported shark tracking in the Bahamas and Florida

Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, a marine ecologist based at the University of Miami, is tracking sharks through OTN’s acoustic infrastructure in the Bahamas and off the coast of Miami, Florida. In this article, OTN explores two of his projects that track tiger, great hammerhead, nurse, blacktip, and bull sharks.

Update: OTN and Dalhousie gliders search for endangered right whales

OTN is deploying Slocum gliders in support of MEOPAR’s Whales Habitat and Listening Experiment (WHaLE). In the summer of 2016, new information collected suggests that right whales are migrating to the Gaspe peninsula, possibly in search of food. The experiment continues over the summer. Read the full update.

Tracking and monitoring brown trout migrations in Norway

In early April, 41 brown trout were acoustically tagged as part of an OTN-supported international project led by Dr. Jan Davidsen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). Davidsen’s team also rolled-over 50 OTN receivers and deployed 18 new receivers in Norwegian waters. Read the full update.

New footage demonstrates how narwhals use their tusks

OTN researcher Dr. Nigel Hussey was part of a team of researchers that has captured the first footage of narwhals using their tusks to hunt. The aerial drone footage from Tremblay Sound, Nunavut, shows narwhals stunning fish with a slap of their tusks then eating them near the surface if the water.

Check out the footage below 

Drone Captures Never Before Seen Behavior From Narwhal
Southern African Shark & Ray Symposium
10-13 September 2017 | Hermanus, South Africa

Sustainable Oceans Conference 2017
21-22 September 2017 | Halifax, Canada

OTN Annual Scientific Meeting
18-21 October 2017 | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Science and History of Sable Island Conference
20-21 October 2017 | Halifax, Canada

Marine Mammalogy Conference
22 – 27 October 2017 | Halifax, Canada

9th Canadian Science Policy Conference
1-3 November 2017 | Ottawa, Ontario

Sustainable Ocean Summit
29 Nov – 1 Dec 2017 | Halifax, Canada

World Conference on Marine Biodiversity
13-16 May 2018 | Montreal, Ontario

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