OTN Deploys Receivers in Strait of Belle Isle


Jonathan Carr, Director, Research and Environment, Atlantic Salmon Federation, with equipment aboard deployment vessel Wave Rider Photo by Duncan Bates (OTN HQ)

The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF), as part of their ongoing salmon tracking program, has been deploying acoustic receivers in the Strait of Belle Isle each summer since 2006. This year, OTN got onboard with ASF in the deployment of the Strait of Belle Isle Line. On June 16, 2011, OTN technician Duncan Bates accompanied Jonathan Carr, ASF Director of Research and Environment, in a collaborative deployment of the line.

OTN provided four new-technology Vemco VR4 receivers for the deepest part of the line to accompany the ASF’s 22 VR2W receivers. These 26 receiver stations in total span the Strait between Schooner Cove, Labrador and Payne’s Cove, Newfoundland.

The VR4 technology offers the advantage of the ability to offload data via an acoustic modem without the need to recover the instrument. A data offload is planned for August 2011 to evaluate the performance of this new technology in this deep water environment.

Details of ongoing ASF research are available on the ASF website.

Additional images from the Strait of Belle Isle deployment can be found in the OTN Multimedia Gallery.

Story by Susan Dufault, OTN Headquarters


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