OTN Deployments Under Way off Tasmania

Ed Forbes (UTAS) with VR2W mooring assembly ready for deployment

OTN technician Ian Beveridge travelled to Tasmania at the end of January to assist University of Tasmania technical personnel Dave Faloon and Ed Forbes in the first deployment of stations on the OTN Tasmania Array. Twenty-one VR2W stations moored with Sub Sea Sonics acoustic releases were deployed offshore of Maria Island, southeast of Tasmania, out to the 200-m depth contour. An additional five stations inshore of Maria Island were deployed in shallow water without acoustic releases and will be serviced by divers. This is the second OTN deployment “down under” following on the 2009 deployment of 53 receiver stations west of Perth, Western Australia.

An additional 40 OTN VR2W stations will be deployed off Cape Barren Island in the Bass Strait, northeast of Tasmania, in late 2012 as part of the OTN Tasmania Array. The OTN array is integrated within the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) Animal Tracking, a component of the Australian government. It is hoped that the OTN Tasmania Array will help researchers to monitor large-scale species movements and the role that one of the country’s major boundary currents, the East Australian Current, plays as a driving force of these movements.

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Story by Susan Dufault, OTN Headquarters


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