OTN Deployment Team Heads Down Under for First Overseas Deployment

Photo by Andrew Boomer, IMOS Animal Tracking

OTN deployment team members Stephane Kirchhoff and Duncan Bates headed down under January 21st, 2009 for the deployment of OTN’s first overseas listening line off Perth, Western Australia.

The team spent three weeks in Australia working in collaboration with the Perth deployment team — consisting of Rory McAuley and Nick Jarvis, from WA Fisheries, and Andrew Boomer and Charlie Huveneers, from SIMS, and their colleagues.

Together, they placed a listening line of 55 acoustic receivers in the E Indian Ocean extending off the southern coast of Western Australia offshore for about 50 kilometres.

Species of interest that will be tagged in the vicinity of the Perth Line include whale sharks, great white sharks, and tuna. The OTN listening line is a component of the shark monitoring network of WA Fisheries that is monitoring tagged great white sharks in the vicinity of Perth beaches in support of their Shark Response Unit.

Additional images and video from the Perth Line deployment can be found in the OTN Multimedia Gallery.

Story by Susan Dufault, OTN Headquarters


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