OTN Data Management Committee Meets in Halifax

Photo by Bob Branton, OTN HQ

The OTN Data Management Committee held a workshop March 3-5, 2009, at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Representatives from as far away as South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Chile, and Japan braved the unpredictable Canadian weather and endured flight delays, cancellations, and rerouting to gather together to share ideas on the optimization of OTN data flow.

Delegates from 13 of OTN’s 14 ocean regions contributed to this three-day event, along with delegates from OTN Canada and OTN Global. Also in attendance were other OTN headquarters staff, interested graduate students from the Dalhousie Biology Department, and researchers from Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Bedford Institute of Oceanography.

The following individuals were delegated to represent their respective ocean regions:

OTN Ocean Region Representative Affiliation
Arctic Terry Dick U Manitoba
Mediterranean, NE Atlantic Hassan Moustahfid INRH
NW Atlantic Peter Smith DFO
NW Atlantic Gayle Zydlewski U Maine
SE Atlantic, W Indian Paul Cowley SAIAB
SW Atlantic Ariel Troisi IODE
E Indian, SW Pacific Jayson Semmens U Tasmania
E Indian, SW Pacific Andrew Boomer IMOS Animal Tracking
E Indian, SW Pacific Stephen Cameron eMII
NE Pacific José Giménez Vancouver Aquarium
NE Pacific Benoît Pirenne NEPTUNE and VENUS, U Victoria
NE Pacific Michael Castleton TOPP, Stanford U
NW Pacific Yoko Mitani Hokkaido U
SE Pacific Thomas Colnot CEQUA
Mid-Pacific John Sibert U Hawaii
Mid-Pacific Johnoel Ancheta U Hawaii
Southern Ocean Scott Gallager WHOI
OTN Global Bob Branton Dalhousie U
OTN Global Richard Apostle Dalhousie U
OTN Global Susan Dufault Dalhousie U
OTN Canada Jenny Chiu DFO
OTN Canada Daniela Turk Dalhousie U


John Sibert and Johnoel Ancheta represented the Mid-Pacific region via teleconference, as did Hassan Moustahfid for OTN’s Mediterranean and NE Atlantic regions. Unfortunately, OTN’s Southern Ocean region was unrepresented because of a teleconference scheduling miscommunication by the workshop organizers.


The following individuals were also in attendance:

NameName AffiAffiliationliation
Ali Daniyal POKM, Dalhousie U
Lenore Bajona DFO
Jerry Black DFO
Jim Bolger POST, Vancouver Aquarium
Fred Whoriskey OTN HQ, Dalhousie U
Mike Stokesbury OTN HQ, Dalhousie U
Sara Iverson OTN Canada/Dalhousie U
Dan Jackson OTN HQ, Dalhousie U
Stephane Kirchhoff OTN HQ, Dalhousie U
Duncan Bates OTN HQ, Dalhousie U
Catherine Muir FMAP, Dalhousie U
Aaron Spares Dalhousie U
Eddie Halfyard Dalhousie U
Coilin Minto Dalhousie U
Dan Ricard Dalhousie U


The workshop welcoming address was presented by Fred Whoriskey and Ron O’Dor (via video). OTN members can access these materials along with a meeting summary, meeting notes, and participants’ presentations by logging on to the OTN Members Website.


Story by Susan Dufault, OTN Headquarters

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