Lobster Tagging with Amazing Race Canada


Earlier this summer, participants on this season of the Amazing Race Canada made a stop in Halifax for a series of locally-themed challenges. Teams of two raced around Halifax landmarks competing for clues to their next challenge and avoiding elimination by being the last team to cross the finish line on each leg.

In one challenge, teams captured, banded, and tagged Atlantic lobsters with tracking transmitters, part of OTN’s study on lobster movements in Nova Scotia waters and beyond. The task took place in Dalhousie University’s Aquatron Laboratory, Canada’s largest aquatic research facility and a test-bed for OTN equipment and analysis.

In the end, three of the eight remaining teams completed the lobster tagging challenge. All lobsters (tagged and not-tagged) were released into the Halifax Harbour where bottom-moored acoustic tracking units will log the tags’ acoustic signals.

All participants were briefed on how safely handle lobsters according to Dalhousie University Animal Care Protocols.

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