Latest OTN Receiver Array Is Deployed Across the Minas Passage


Photo by Duncan Bates, OTN HQ

On July 14, 2010, OTN deployed the fourth receiver array of its proposed worldwide listening network. The Minas Passage Line, consisting of 12 acoustic receivers, extends across the Minas Passage from Cape Sharp to Cape Split, the narrowest portion of the Passage.

OTN technician Duncan Bates led the deployment team than included Jeremy Broome, Colin Buhariwalla, and Peter Porskamp, researchers from Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada. The fishing vessel Cape Rose, piloted by captain Croyden Wood, was used to deploy the line.

OTN’s other three operational lines are located off Halifax, Nova Scotia, off Perth, Australia, and in the Cabot Strait, Nova Scotia.

Additional images from the Minas Passage deployment can be found in the OTN Multimedia Gallery.

Story by Susan Dufault, OTN Headquarters


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