Halifax Line Completed


Google Earth map showing OTN Halifax Line in red

During two days near the end of May 2012, the OTN technical team of Ian Beveridge and Duncan Bates, along with OTN partner DFO Bedford Institute of Oceanography technician Jason Burtch, deployed 90 VR4 receiver stations to complete the Halifax Line. Included in these 90 stations were three benthic pods for a total of eight of these oceanographic data collecting instruments currently deployed on the line.

The Halifax Line has a total length of almost 205 km, zigging and zagging to avoid areas of intense trawling activity in Emerald Basin all the way to the end of the continental shelf, for a total straight line distance of about 185 km from its point of origin off Chebucto Head south of Halifax.

Two hundred fifty-six stations make up the Halifax Line, with a mixture of VR3, VR4, and VR2W acoustic receivers all moored with rope risers and EdgeTech acoustic releases. This massive undertaking took four years to complete. A complete data offload of all 256 stations is planned for November of 2012.

Story by Susan Dufault, OTN Headquarters


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