Global Ocean Commission Report


The Global Ocean Commission has released its highly anticipated report entitled From Decline to Recovery: A Rescue Package for the Global Ocean.

The report details eight proposals, to be implemented over the next five years, towards reversing top threats including biodiversity loss, over exploitation and inadequate management. The proposals come from discussions with scientists, NGOs, and policy makers to identify the most pressing oceans issues and their solutions.

Global Ocean Commission 's eight proposals for global ocean recovery

The Global Ocean Commission’s eight proposals for global ocean recovery. Read the report here.

“Unless we turn the tide on ocean decline within five years, the international community should consider turning the high seas into an off-limits regeneration zone until its condition is restored.” –  José María Figueres, Co-chair of the Commission and former President of Costa Rica.

The Global Ocean Commission–an independent body of senior policy figures, business leaders and development specialists–was launched in February 2013 to “formulate politically and technically feasible short-, medium- and long-term recommendations to address four key issues facing the high seas:

    • overfishing
    • large-scale loss of habitat and biodiversity
    • the lack of effective management and enforcement
    • deficiencies in high seas governance.”


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