New OTN International Data Management Committee Formed


Last week, members of the newly formed Ocean Tracking Network International Data Management Committee (OTN IDMC) met at OTN headquarters in Halifax.

OTN’s rapidly expanding database of oceanographic and animal detection records, as well as the implementation of regional data nodes, has necessitated broader leadership. The team’s mandate is to ensure the OTN data management model is implemented and operated reliably and efficiently.

OTN International Data Management Committee meets in Halifax 26 June 2014

OTN International Data Management Committee meets in Halifax 26 June 2014. L-R: Kes Morton (OTN sr. project manager), Hassan Moustahfid (Integrated Ocean Observing System, U.S.), Fred Whoriskey (OTN executive director), Tim Stone (Vemco, Canada), Francisco Hernandez (IDMC chair; Flanders Marine Institute Platform for Marine Research, Belgium), Jon Burgess (IMOS, Australia), Lenore Bajona (OTN data manager). Not pictured: Tania Pinnell (Department of Fisheries, Western Australia), Joanna Mills-Flemming (Dalhousie University, Canada).

National and international telemetry, oceanography and data experts in OTN’s global areas of operation work to:

  • Oversee the OTN Data Plan
  • Design policies, internationally standardized procedures and data quality assurance activities at all levels for staff to implement
  • Provide direction on the format of the OTN database
  • Assist with the development of the OTN Data Warehouse
  • Help identify new opportunities for data synergy among the partners
  • Collaborate with Network researchers in the development of new analytical and data visualization tools

The inaugural meeting tackled international data collaboration, coordination and policies, as well as regional reports of telemetry data management (Canada, U.S., Europe and Australia). The group toured OTN’s data warehouse at Dalhousie University to understand OTN’s data management capabilities to enhance capacity towards greater integration and data sharing.



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