ENTREVESTOR: BioLoggers raise $150,000 in minutes


The Halifax company got started a few years ago to help chart the movement of marine species, but last year it began asking healthcare providers whether they could use the BioLoggers technology. The response was overwhelming, and it is about to launch pilot projects with nine European hospitals.

In 2010, OTN post-doctoral fellow at Dalhousie University, Franziska Broell, co-founded Maritime BioLoggers. The Halifax-based company creates marine wildlife sensors that act as “animal fitbits”, tracking animal movements, like resting or feeding, and even growth patterns.

Ocean researchers aren’t the only ones interested in the technology though: healthcare companies are now looking to use the tags to safely transport blood samples. The tags can be used to identify vibrations or temperature changes that may have ruined the samples. “If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and a customer like that comes to you, then the lightbulb goes off,” said Broell.

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The Chronicle Herald (22, Feb. 2019)

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