New Year, New Logo


It’s been 10 years since the inception of the Ocean Tracking Network. Over the last decade, OTN has served as an internationally recognized platform for aquatic research, data management, and cross-sector partnerships.

In early 2019, OTN introduced a new logo that illustrates concepts in monitoring and telemetry as well as better communicates the overall activities of the Network in Canada and internationally.

To protect the strength and integrity of the OTN logo, please use the following guidelines for presentations and other acknowledgements and materials:

  • Use the Full Logo below where possible and appropriate.
  • When using the logo on top of an image or graphic, ensure that the logo is clear and recognizable; ensure that there is enough contrast between the logo and the background you are using.
  • Always select one of the approved colour choices (two-colour, black, or white).
  • Contact the OTN communications team for help or questions regarding the logo or for special formats.

Full Logo

Please note that these logos are in Portable Network Graphic (PNG) format and as such will appear to download with a black background. The background is transparent once placed in your desired file.

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