Scientific Programmer with WHaLE at Dalhousie University


Job Description:

We seek an experienced, motivated, and creative individual to help build and maintain an operational Whale Alert system. Our prototype system has two major facets. First, it collates whale survey results from multiple groups/platforms in near real-time and displays them via an interactive online time/space map. Second, it disseminates the near real-time observations to nearby vessels so they can take measures to reduce risk. The successful candidate will:

• Refine and maintain the online interactive mapping system. Source code for the prototype available here.

• Coordinate with academic, international governmental and NGO survey crews throughout the 2018 field season (May to October) to ensure data are up-to-date and faithfully represented.

• Develop a system by which near real-time whale locations can be disseminated to nearby vessels via a remote Automatic Identification System (AIS) aid to navigation (ATON) transceiver.

• Compile all software into well-documented, portable, open-source package capable of adoption and sustained use by other research and/or regulatory groups.

This is full time, 6-month work term (May to October) with the possibility of renewal. The candidate must be based at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Salary will be commensurate with qualifications.

Interested applicants should send a copy of their CV and a cover letter to Hansen Johnson ( by 16 April. The successful candidate would ideally be available to start by 01 May.

Additional requirements, helpful skills and an employer description here


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