Understanding Species Movements, Interactions, and Environmental Variability Across Canada’s Three Oceans

OTN Canada studies three ocean Arenas—Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific. These oceans are interconnected with respect to water mass exchange, migrating animals, and climate forcing. The symbols in the map below indicate many of the locations of proposed receiver lines/buoys representing acoustic curtains deployed in the Atlantic (orange circles), Arctic (blue squares), and Pacific (red triangles) Arenas through support of the CFI infrastructure grant to OTN Global. OTN Canada addresses one broad question across its three oceans: What are the movements of continental shelf marine animals, how do these movements affect species interactions, and what are the consequences of environmental variability/change and human activities on these species’ distributions and abundance? OTN Canada’s research is focused on shared research themes across all Arenas. Indeed, the central and overarching component of OTN Canada will be the integration of research strategies, programs, and results across Arenas with the fundamental aim of addressing critical issues in fisheries and resource management and implications for ocean governance.

OTN Canada’s research is logistically organized across Canada’s three ocean Arenas, but with a strategic focus on sharing research themes and integrating questions and findings across all Arenas. Included for each Arena will be measurements of oceanographic characteristics and variability at various spatial and temporal scales, movements of key species at several trophic levels, and analysis of key acoustic “bioprobes” (animals that carry tags which record locations visited, ocean conditions and interactions with other tagged animals) and “roboprobes” (remotely controlled gliders that measure physical, biological and chemical conditions) to complement measurements from fixed OTN curtains. Ultimately, information obtained will be exploited to address socioeconomic and resource management issues.

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