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Nova Scotia needs brain wave as age of robo-vessels dawns
(The Chronicle Herald  |  OTN Gliders) 11.24

> L’anguille d’Amérique livre ses secrets
(Le Monde  |  OTN Atlantic) 11.2

> Canadian eel tracked on 2,400-kilometre migration to Sargasso Sea
(CBC  |  OTN Atlantic) 10.27

Epic Eel Migration Mapped for the First Time
(National Geographic  |  OTN Atlantic)  10.27

Scientists finally reveal mysterious migration of American eels
(ScienceMag  |  OTN Atlantic)  10.27

> Torpedo ray tagged by Dalhousie University researchers
(CBC  |  OTN Atlantic) 10.14

Listening to Fishes to See Where They Go
(Fisheries  |  OTN HQ) 10.12

Variability in Migration Routes Influences Early Marine Survival of Juvenile Salmon Smolts
(PLOS ONE  |  OTN Pacific) 10.9

> Scientists from Nova Scotia, Brazil team up for ocean research project
(The Chronicle Herald   |  OTN International) 8.21

Deep diving drones search for endangered right whales off East Coast
(Global News  |  OTN Gliders) 8.13

> Following Greenland Sharks in Canada’s Arctic
(Canadian Geographic Blog |  OTN Arctic) 8.5

Great Village firm lends electronic ears to tidal project
(The Chronicle Herald  |  OTN Gliders) 7.29

> Florida Girl Wins Gulf Guardian Award
(The Outdoor Wire  |  OTN International) 8.4

Tiger Shark Sinks its Teeth into Scientific Study
(National Geographic  |  OTN International) 7.9

> N.S. network tracks Greenland sharks — Arctic Ocean’s top predator
(Chronicle Herald  |  OTN Arctic) 7.8.15

> Even West Coast Canada’s Declining Salmon Population Has Its Own App
(Vice – Motherboard  |  OTN HQ) 6.19.15

> Sturgeon scientist battles huge fish in Fraser River to implant tracking device
(CBC  |  OTN Pacific) 6.19.15

> We’re entering a stunning new era for animal tracking
(The Washington Post  |  OTN HQ) 6.15.15

> Aquatic animal telemetry: A panoramic window into the underwater world
(Science Magazine  |  OTN HQ)  6.12.15

> CBU scientists snoop on ‘teenage’ salmon
(Chronicle Herald | OTN Atlantic) 11.26.14

Mysterious giant sharks may be everywhere
(BBC | OTN Arctic)

Gilles Patry: The good news about science in Canada
(Vancouver Sun | OTN HQ) 10.21.14

> Swimming upstream: Source of Nova Scotia salmon decline elusive
(Chronicle Herald | OTN Atlantic) 10/13

> Citizen science can be real benefit, CBU researcher says
(Chronicle Herald | OTN Atlantic) 9/16

In search of Canada’s rogue shark
(Discovery Channel | OTN Atlantic)

Underwater gliders to go on patrol for right whales off N.S.
(The Chronicle Herald | OTN gliders) 8/05

Chris Harvey-Clark goes ‘eyeball to eyeball’ with Greenland sharks
(CBC | OTN collaborators)
  |  18 July 2014

Integrated Tracking of Aquatic Animals in the Gulf of Mexico Workshop
(GOOS blog | OTN HQ)  |  No date

Australia shark ‘chokes on sea lion’
(BBC | OTN global collaborators)  |  17 July 2014

The Arctic voyages of the intrepid ringed seal
(Canadian Geographic | OTN Arctic)  |  4 July 2014

Graduate student earns Weston scholarship
(U Windsor | OTN Arctic)  |  3 July 2014

Dead Scots Bay sturgeon spark Acadia scientific study
(The Chronicle Herald | OTN Atlantic)  |  1 July , 2014

Extreme diving behaviour in devil rays links surface waters and the deep ocean
(Nature | OTN global collaborators)  |  1 July 2014