Graduate student positions with Movement and Trophic Ecology Lab at University of Windsor, summer/fall 2017


Dr. Nigel Hussey of the ‘Movement and Trophic Ecology Lab’ in Biological Sciences, University of Windsor is seeking eligible graduate students (Masters and PhD level) and Postdoctoral Research Fellows to join his research program in early 2017 (summer/early fall fieldwork will be involved).

The research program of the Hussey Lab is currently focused on understanding the movement and trophic interactions of commercially important and endangered species across the Canadian Arctic and at several tropical study sites within the context of climate change. Research themes include, but are not limited to; fisheries management issues at both community and commercial scales, advancing deep water telemetry approaches and quantitative methods to analyze these data, the relevance of marine protected areas for species/ecosystem conservation and management and advancing our understanding of species interactions through flexible food web modelling approaches and improved understanding of the mechanistic basis of niche.

Specifically, the lab is looking for candidates who have experience with telemetry (satellite/acoustic and archival biologgers) and/or chemical tracer techniques (bulk stable isotopes, AA-CSIA etc), have a strong quantitative and theoretical background and wish to be involved in projects with challenging fieldwork components. Interested candidates should contact Dr. Hussey ( and include a cover letter identifying their research/academic/fieldwork experience to date, research interests, a full curriculum vitae, relevant transcripts, and names of two referees. Please cc all correspondence to Stephanie Isaac (



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