Community Manager, Ocean School 


RECHERCHÉ/WANTED: Gestionnaire de communautés bilingue / Community Manager pour Ocean School | École des oceans

You’re a real ocean nerd and you’re dying to share your knowledge. You studied in an ocean-science-related field and you understand how the ocean has an influence on us and how we influence the ocean. You have strong writing skills, a colorful personality and a good sense of humor. You’re perfectly bilingual

You’re an expert in developing and engaging with online communities and you have mastered social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube as well as tools like Hootsuite and Photoshop. Making GIF, live-stream, photo or video content is an easy task for you. You have a keen eye to recognize content that will go viral. You have an attention to detail. You are flexible, reliable, organized and you like to work in a team.

If this describes you, please write to us ( – Ocean School needs you!


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