Call for Applications: AFS Emerging Leader Mentorship Award Program


The American Fisheries Society requests applications for the Emerging Leader Mentorship Award (ELMA) Program. The purpose of the ELMA Program is to develop future leaders of the Society, and the fisheries profession as a whole, by providing selected candidates an opportunity to participate for one year in activities of the Society Governing Board. Participants in the Program are selected based on their level of involvement in AFS, as well as their potential for assuming leadership of Society units in the future.

A candidate must be a Society member in good standing and an application must be endorsed by an AFS member in good standing (preferably a member who has held or is holding a leadership position in AFS). The application package must include a: (a) personal statement prepared by the candidate that explains why s/he wants to participate in the Program (not to exceed one page); (2) a curriculum vita; (3) at least one letter of support from AFS member in good standing (preferably a member who has held or is holding a leadership position in AFS), and (4) a letter from a current Governing Board member willing to serve as a mentor (optional. We will help you find a mentor).

Candidates selected must attend the Management Committee meeting, Governing Board meeting, and the Governing Board retreat, and the AFS leadership training session(s), all of which are scheduled during the 3-d period immediately preceding the annual meeting; attend as many other sessions as possible at the annual meeting associated with the Governing Board (e.g., Incoming Governing Board Breakfast) and other meetings (e.g., Journal Editors meeting) with their assigned mentor when possible; participate in monthly Conference calls of the Management Committee, as time allows; and prepare a report to the Governing Board prior to the mid-year meeting that summarizes her/his experience in the ELMA Program during the past year and provide recommendations for improving the Program. For additional information about the Program and requirements, please see the AFS ELMA Program Procedures for Application and Selection of Candidates in the AFS Policy and Procedure Manual.

Due to limited funds to support this program ($500 per awardee to cover costs of attending AFS governance meetings immediately preceding the annual meeting), applicants should be those that already intend to attend the annual AFS meeting. Applicants should inform their Division President with their intent to submit an application and submit their application online (

Please contact one of the ELMA Program Co- Chairs (Jim Bowker at; Jesse Trushenski at to let them know you have applied. Division officers are encouraged to contact AFS Units in which the applicant is a member to seek matching funds to further support the applicant.

Applications must be received by April 1 of each year.


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